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The Fray

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happiness, is just outside my window [Saturday
12/29/2007 at 03PM]

I made some the fray icons a while ago!
They are not that good..but blame it on the black/white pictures! I hate that for making icons! It's just that I felt like making the fray icons, and so I had to do it!
There are only 7 of them, cause I was planning this big bunch, but I couldn't find the time! xD So, maybe someone is glad with them, for now! :D


you can find the other 5 here at my livejournal :)
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About me [Friday
11/30/2007 at 11AM]

My name is:  Erika
I am from:  Milwaukee , WI
I 1st heard of the fray on the radio
I like just about every song by them that I know of.
 I do like a huge selection of music
I was glad to see them live for the 1st time on my birthday
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11/11/2007 at 02PM]

I made a new The Fray community!
Check it out:
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YAY! [Thursday
09/6/2007 at 01PM]

I've got new hosting and new awesome domain!

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161 icons [Monday
09/3/2007 at 10AM]

08; Charlize Theron
04; Ryan Phillippe
27; Justin Timberlake
31; Stocks
23; Isaac Slade (The Fray)
20; House (Dr. Chase)
04; Banners, Jesse Spencer
03; Wallpapers

here at imaginazyon
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THE FRAY website [Monday
08/27/2007 at 12AM]

Spread the love!!
Check it out:


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Jones Beach [Wednesday
07/4/2007 at 12AM]

Hey, does anyone have good pics from the July 3 Jones Beach, NY concert? I forgot my camera )=

And, does anyone have the "happiness" mp3? Thanks so much!
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06/26/2007 at 01AM]


I gotta question for you all, as I was just wondering what setlist they've been playing on the latest tour. They played a really beautiful acoustic song in Toronto, but I didn't catch the lyrics, and I'd like to track a copy of it down.

Thanks in advance. ;)
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06/11/2007 at 02AM]

I have two tickets to the fray/mae/ok go concert at darien lake (buffalo, ny)for this coming sunday JUNE 17TH. (it is fathers day)
...they are park admission/concert combo tickets, and cost me over 50 dollars a piece. I WANT TO SELL BOTH TICKETS FOR LIKE 70 DOLLARS.
they are section 202, row 11, seats 8 & 9.

...i will drop them off to wherever, send them, meet someone, anything.
i just don't want them to go to waste, and i cannot go anymore.
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OK GO/The Fray/Mae Concert Ticket [Saturday
06/9/2007 at 04PM]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey guys, I'm trying to sell off my OK GO/The Fray/Mae concert ticket to whoever's interested because I can't go on Friday June 22nd in Toronto.

I was going to go with some friends but it turns out I have a gig on that day. So please let me know if you're interested! I gotta get rid of this thing even though I'm dying to go!

If you guys know anybody else who would be interested, let me know ASAP because I found you guys quickly through this community!


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04/25/2007 at 09AM]


+What’s your name? Ida
+Where are you from? Norway
+How did you become a fan of The Fray/how did you hear about them? One of my friends told me about them, and a short time after I bought the cd. And I loved it!
+What are your favorite songs/lyrics by The Fray? Little House and How to Save a Life..
+What other bands do you enjoy? Augustana, The Killers, The All-American Rejects, MCR, Dashboard Confessional etc..
+Anything you want to share with us? Not that I can think of. But ask if you're wondering about something.

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04/22/2007 at 10PM]
+What’s your name? Lee-Ann
+Where are you from? Perth, Australia
+How did you become a fan of The Fray/how did you hear about them?
First heard Cable Car on the radio here... went on myspace to check them out... fell in love with their stuff and bought the album
+What are your favorite songs/lyrics by The Fray?
Fave songs are probably How to Save a Life and Trust Me
+What other bands do you enjoy?
Bon Jovi, Five For Fighting, Bruce Springsteen, etc
+Anything you want to share with us?
I don't know... Ask me? :)
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Icons from "How To Save A Life" video [Sunday
04/22/2007 at 04PM]

- The Fray - "How To Save A Life" video (73)

All screencaps by me!

Credit fionaa or colour_full

JOIN to see updates


( see all 73 icons )
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02/14/2007 at 03AM]

+What’s your name?
+Where are you from?
+How did you become a fan of The Fray/how did you hear about them?
Well...I borrowed my friend's iPod and I heard their song "How to Save A Life"...after that...I decided to CHECK THEM OUT and bought their album...THE BEST THING I'VE DONE! :-)
+What are your favorite songs/lyrics by The Fray?
How To Save A Life
Little House
Heaven Forbid
Hundred (love the piano!)
Over my head
All At Once
She Is

+What other bands do you enjoy?
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Gym Class Heroes

+Anything you want to share with us?
Uhm...as of now...nah! All I want to say is that I LOVE "THE FRAY"!
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11/29/2006 at 01AM]

This is not really Fray related, but I was wondering if anyone could throw some good Christmas song covers by different bands at me because I am getting a mix together? I would be forever greatful.
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The Fray at Ohio University [Monday
10/30/2006 at 03PM]

The Fray w/special guests Mute Math will be playing at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium (Ohio University–Athens,Ohio) on Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 8pm.

Tickets go on-sale Monday, November 6, 2006 at 10am at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium Box Office or on-line at www.ohiotickets.musictoday.com. There is an 8 ticket limit – Tickets are $30 for the first 12 rows, $25 for the remainder.
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10/28/2006 at 11AM]

does anyone know where i can get the fray EP(s)? ... i heard there might be more than one. i tried looking on ebay, but no one's selling them at the moment. i know they're really old, so i have a feeling they're not selling it on any major websites anymore either )=
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Tickets to October 28th Concert [Thursday
10/19/2006 at 06PM]
Hey I know this is really short notice but I have two tickets to The Fray concert at the DAR Constitution Hall in DC for Oct. 28th and I hoping to sell them! I'm selling for the internet price of $35.00 a piece so 70 in total. I'm willing to negotiate so lemme know whats up

You can IM me on ShutupNchacha one AIM
or email at preethi1@umbc.edu

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10/14/2006 at 11PM]

hey fellow fray fans! i was wondering...

how long is a typical show on this tour, including an opening act (do they have one)?

because my friend just bought tickets for the first show at hammerstein ballroom in NYC, but my mom won't let me go until she knows how long i'll be gone.
thanks a bunch!! =)
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Official Fray concert T shirt for sale. :) [Saturday
10/14/2006 at 10PM]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey fellow Fray fans!

I went to the show in Denver on September 30th, and of course, loved it! The show was simply amazing.
Anyhow, my reason for posting was that I bought an extra t shirt for my sister at the show, and it didn't fit her, and I was wondering if anyone else wanted it?
It's a ladies medium, and never been worn. :)
picture under hereCollapse )
I didn't know if this was allowed or not, but I figured ya'll would appreciate this as much as I do. :)

If you're interested at all, leave a comment and we can talk about payment and pricing. :)

Thanks guys!

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